Right now is not normal.

Things are not normal.  They are NOT normal.  And there is talk of there being a new normal.

But before this virus and quarantine hit, weren’t we stressed?  And tired?  I know I was.  Do you miss driving ‘cuz I remember us being irritated that no one could drive or use their blinker but me and you.  Some of this is not new.  It is just different.  Different, not “normal”.

Sometimes we can get riled up and create anxiety trying to maintain normal, create normal and create routine.  The longer we go, the more riled up we can get.  Especially when our future looks to be in the hands of others and we our daily lives and the simplest activities are out of our control.

I see many clinging to the old way and lamenting all that they perceive as lost.  I hear the struggle as some hold so tightly to “normal” that I want to get everyone on a video call and, all together, on the count of three, let’s say, “Things are not NORMAL!”.

Release all of the ___________(insert what you need to)_____________ and take a deep breath.

  • What does it matter if the house gets and/or stays clean or not? No one is coming over right now anyway
  • Start a new project; don’t start a new project. Finish an old project; don’t finish an old project (queue video of paint swatches on the outside of my house from I don’t know when..).  Start a new project now and never finish it.
  • Got kids at home trying to do school? First, trying to do school at home is not the same as homeschooling.  Second, any effort you make is great!  Your kids are fine.  Send some love to their teacher and throw in some Bible time and start over next year.  THEY ARE FINE!
  • Some of us did leave home most days. But wasn’t that stressful too?  Could have sworn when I saw you last there was a deep exhalation and we were all “hanging in there”.

This could be an opportunity for you to do a new thing.  How many times did we say, I wish I did not have to go to work today and…..?  How many times did we wish we had time to clean, read, play a game with the kids, cuddle, walk outside and watch a bird?  This is our chance to throw away our schedules and….do a NEW THING!

And maybe God wants to do a new thing too.  Let’s remind ourselves of our first calling as wives and mothers, as husbands and fathers, and as sons and daughters of the risen Savior and as His chosen people to deliver His word to a hurting world.

First step?  Take all your fears and concerns and uncertainties, and lay those all down at the feet of Jesus.


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